Paula White’s plastic surgery was not paid for by the church

Larry King interviewed Paula White about her plastic surgery.Paula White and her ex-husband Randy White both had plastic surgery.

However, on Larry King Live, Paula denied that their church paid for the surgery saying, “Absolutely Not!”

I personally do not understand why so much is made of Paula White having cosmetic surgery.

Many women, as they get closer to mid-life, begin to consider how they feel about having plastic surgery. I believe this is a personal decision.

After considering all things… your health, your finances, and the long-term effects surgery could have on you, you make a personal decision to have the surgery or not. For a woman, this is their decision, and theirs alone.

Paula was born in Tupelo, Mississippi in 1966. Her father committed suicide when she was still young and her mother was an alcoholic. In 1984, while living in Maryland, Paula was introduced to the gospel and became a Christian.

Paula began her ministry in the inner city of Washington, D.C. in the 80′s. In 1991, she helped to co-found Church Without Walls.

She has a great testimony of how God can take a life and transform it. She is an author, a teacher, a mother, and a popular TV personality with a thriving ministry.┬áThere’s no doubt that Paula White has had her share of ups and downs, but she is an over-comer.

We’ve all had our share of victories and failures. I am so glad that my failures have not been made as public as others. Paula White has helped many people make changes in their lives for the better.

Plastic surgery may not be for everyone, but being in the ministry should not qualify or disqualify you for the procedure.

Deciding to have plastic surgery like Paula White did or deciding that it isn’t right for you in the end is a personal decision.

That’s my opinion.

What do you think?

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Plastic Surgery?

I’m fascinated by plastic surgery and have always enjoyed Paula White.

In this blog, we’ll dig into both worlds. If you’re looking for negative comments, this probably won’t be the place for you. If you want to discuss either in a positive, mature way, we can probably talk.

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